Conditional release was limited to the place of residence from which he had no right to leave - this is the city.

The critic identifies four, albeit uneven, stages of I. Bagryany's creative path: 1926-1932 - the beginning of the literary path, before the first arrest; 1932-1940 - the period of imprisonment and concentration camps; 1941-1945 - the period of the Second World War and the occupation of Ukraine; 1945-1963 - postwar period and emigration. The writer himself mentions the period of arrests, imprisonments, concentration camps, escapes, because legends have accumulated around these dramatic events: "In 1932 he was arrested for political (independent Ukrainian) bias in literature and politics and imprisoned in the so-called Kharkiv . "Internal prison" of the GPU, where he spent 11 months in solitary confinement, and then was sentenced to 5 years in concentration camps.

3.8 billion euros are also in savings accounts.

Very few want to save

The acquisition of new computer games, cell phones or laptops is not given so much importance. Only 15 percent of children want to invest part of their money in technical equipment or games. Sweets and fast food are only mentioned in passing. The bottom line of the survey is saving money. It was only occasionally noted that a partial amount could be set aside, for example for studies. A young user saw his great opportunity in saving.