Kyiv, 1959. Ivan Franko: articles and materials // "Ukrainian Literary Studies" №11.

Soviet literary critics, unable to hide this blatant puncture of the Marxist Frank, found "justification": Franco was simply wrong, because he was not yet hardened enough to distinguish "the truth" from "bourgeois lies"...

In the second half of 1879, Franco decides to make a kind "expedition" in order to explain Marxist ideas among the popular intelligentsia of the older generation. He places in "The truth" his translation of the work of the German socialist Hans Schell "Socio-political supporters in Germany" which later came out with a preface by Frank "Small library"... Version "The truth" tried to express his attitude to socialism in general and Shell in particular, to which Franco immediately responded with an article "Version buy an comparison essay cheap now "The truth" in the fight against windmills" aimed at the same as and "Critical letters about the Galician intelligentsia" - exposure and debunking.

So, an agreement with the populists did not work this time either. "Small library" it was not enough to propagate revolutionary ideas in full voice, and in 1879 Franco began work on organizing his own newspaper. But it happened differently. In the spring of 1880, Frank was imprisoned, and when he was released from prison three months later, he was literally threatened with starvation. Like-minded people raised funds for only one book - a story "At the bottom" which was the last, fourteenth issue "Small library"...

Quasi-means include informal groups and a working atmosphere.

It is necessary to take into account the range and complexity of the activities, on the basis of which the salary is assigned and the requirements for the level of education and experience of the applicant are determined. However, it is an assessment of the actual workplace, regardless of the person who occupies it.

The evaluation of the employee involves the evaluation of his personal contribution. To do this, use a system of grades and scores, the content of which must be unambiguous.

1. Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyah (QAT) / Matthieu Baumel (FRA) Toyota Hilux Overdrive 3: 55.46

İlk olarak, Julen Lopetegui tarafından yönetilen tesisler, toplam 7 puan ve +2 gol farkı ile masanın onuncu sırasındadır ve bu nedenle kendilerini yarışmanın ortasına yerleştirir. Bu anlamda ligde oynadıkları çatışmalar, Granada'ya karşı bir yenilgi (1-0), Barcelona ile bir beraberlik (1-1), Levante'ye karşı bir galibiyet (1-0) ve Cádiz'e (3-1) karşı bir galibiyet kaydetti.

Öte yandan José Luis Mendilibar'ın kadrosu, 5 puan ve -2 gol farkıyla, yani küme düşme bölgesi ile masanın yarısı arasında, müsabakanın 15.